45% of stations are unstaffed, says RMT

The RMT today hosts a conference drawing attention to the dangers of unstaffed stations.

With the publication of the government’s rail review imminent, RMT research reveals only 10% of rail stations are fully staffed, 45% are only staffed some of the time and a massive 45% of stations are totally unstaffed.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “It has never been more apparent that the privatised and fragmented railway has failed to deliver an affordable, accessible and reliable service for passengers.

“Violence on the railways is soaring, yet the private train companies continue to close ticket offices and cut staffing at stations. These damaging cuts only serve to benefit their shareholders’ profits, not passengers.

“RMT is calling on the government to prove that it is serious about improving the rail passenger experience and ensure that its review commits to a fully staffed and accessible railway.”

The report says that every year millions of passenger pass through stations which are unstaffed for part or all of the day. Despite serving hundreds of thousands of passengers every year, stations across the network are totally unstaffed.

A Parliamentary motion tabled by MPs has warned that government and train operating company policies to reduce and casualise  station staffing and de-staff stations threatens passenger safety and service with the MPS highlighting the vital role station staff play in protecting safety, advising passengers, deterring crime and violence, preventing suicides and assisting older and disabled passengers.

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