All public sector employees need a decent pay rise, says UNISON

UNISON logo iMidwives, healthcare assistants and hospital porters who belong to UNISON yesterday joined their nursing colleagues demonstrating in Parliament Square over the government’s refusal to lift the pay cap.

UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said: “Faced with an exodus of staff across the NHS, ministers’ justification for keeping public sector pay cap simply sounds hollow.

“When considering pay rises for public sector staff, it’s critical the government doesn’t take a blinkered approach and prioritise nurses over other health employees.

“Although nurses play a vital role in safe patient care, the NHS is a team. Without those who work as porters, healthcare assistants or in administrative roles, the health service would crumble.

“That’s not to forget other public sector workers such as teaching assistants, police support staff and local government employees who help millions every day. The pay cap must be lifted for everyone in our public services, regardless of the job they do or where they work.”

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