ASLEF attacks ‘hypocritical’ Grayling over secondary action comments

aslef-southern-strikeTransport secretary Chris Grayling is calling on train companies to take secondary action, ASLEF say.

The union’s general secretary, Mick Whelan, has accused Grayling of hypocrisy after a report yesterday suggested he called on train operating companies to work together on a strategy for tackling industrial action in the rail industry.

Grayling is reported to believe that other companies should not be complacent or gain commercial advantage from Southern’s problems but should instead should try and learn lessons from the current dispute.

Mick Whelan said: “It is illegal for trade unions in the UK to take secondary action so I am staggered by the hypocrisy of the Secretary of State for Transport who is effectively telling train operating companies to take secondary action in support of Southern rail and extend their poor employment practices throughout the rail industry.

“These comments once again demonstrate that this is a political action by the government that has caused this trade dispute. His call to train operating companies to act collectively against unions will only lead to further unrest and by fanning the flames of strife. I can only conclude that he is either incompetent or panicking or both.”

Today’s strike goes ahead after yesterday’s talks at ACAS failed to resolve the safety dispute.

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