ASLEF members on strike tomorrow

ASLEF members on the Central line will be taking strike action tomorrow after a breakdown of industrial relations with London Underground. 

Organiser Finn Brennan said: “Industrial action is always the last resort but, given the intransigence of management on a whole range of issues affecting our members, we have, reluctantly, decided this is our only course of action.

“The strike on the Central line is the result of management’s failure to deal with the issues our reps have raised regarding service control problems affecting our members; abuse of the attendance at work procedure; breach of agreements regarding managers driving trains; abuse of the case conference procedure; harsh and unfair use of the disciplinary procedure; and imposition of new and unsafe ‘flash and dash’ working practices.

“What links these issues is a basic failure to treat drivers on the line with fairness and respect. Management seem to think of drivers as an appendix of the trains they operate, not as human beings. We have seen drivers dismissed because of one mistake after a quarter of a century of excellent service or reduced in grade because they had the temerity to take time off sick after a traumatic incident.

“London Underground management has had ample opportunities to resolve this dispute. But they have chosen not to, because they believe they will get what they want by using sticks instead of carrots! They have abused the disciplinary and attendance procedure to try to create a climate of fear on the Central line.

“But our drivers will not be bullied by management. And the huge ‘Yes’ vote for industrial action has shown that our members will not be easily intimidated.”

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