B & Q hit by woodworkers’ strike

GMB strikeGMB members working for Metsa Wood Timber are today on strike over pay.

Plants in Boston, Lincolnshire and Widnes, Cheshire will be affected after workers rejected a pay offer from the company in April. The company, which supplied B & Q among others, had a turnover of £170.5 million in 2014 with a gross profit of £30 million.

GMB national officer Dave Hulse said: “We’re disappointed with Metsa Wood’s attitude; we had requested a meeting to try and move this issue forward on 1st April but the company responded on the 4th April confirming their position and refusing to meet to discuss. Our members are quite rightly angry; this follows on from previous pay claims where our members worked closely with the company to assist in difficult times.

“The company has reached productivity targets and sickness targets have also been achieved. Shareholders have been rewarded, yet our members have once again been sold a pup. Following the industrial ballot, GMB members have made it quite clear that they have lost all confidence and trust in the company.

“The only way to move this forward is to meet and discuss. I am sure that they would not have taken the same attitude with their customers, yet our members are the biggest assets the company has.”

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