BECTU members urged to accept blockbuster movie deal five years in the making

BECTU members working on major motion pictures are being urged to accept a groundbreaking deal five years in the making that will give them collective bargaining in the industry.

The deal proposed by employers’ body PACT, with input from BECTU, will cover all the significant terms and conditions for crew engaged on productions with budgets equal to or in excess of £30million pounds.

 The union believes the new agreement is a solution to the many problems experienced by crew. At present, nothing is written down to confirm crew entitlements which creates a terrible pattern of uncertainty. The new agreement clearly describes payments for night work, overtime, sixth & seventh day working, Time off the Clock (TOC), meal breaks, restricted prep & wrap, the removal of the grace period and more. If accepted, the union will also have a robust disputes resolution procedure for dealing with issues.
BETU national secretary Spencer MacDonald said: “Despite a booming feature film industry with the highest level of inward investment ever recorded and an expert production pool we don’t have a trade union agreement which sets out crew entitlements. This draft agreement is the first real opportunity in decades for crew to shape and build decent and fair terms and conditions.
“A collective agreement is an instrument that can be used to steadily improve terms and conditions. It means you don’t negotiate on your own but in a group as one unit. And one of the biggest benefits is the ability to have a voice in that journey and to use the collective bargaining machinery to avoid isolation and to build solidarity.”
Members who do not receive a ballot paper by November 3 but who believe they work within the scope of the proposed new agreement can request a vote by emailing
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