BECTU members walk out on strike at Ritzy and Picturehouse

ritzyBECTU members have this afternoon embarked on their fifth strike over pay at the Ritzy and Hackney Picturehouse.

Since the last strike on October 15th – which saw BECTU members at the Ritzy join forces on the picket line with their colleagues at the Hackney Picturehouse, also campaigning for the LivingWage – Picturehouse management have continued to set their faces to the wall, despite the closure of both venues in reply to the action.

Following the strikes, BECTU accepted an offer from ACAS to help to broker a deal but the company refused the invitation.

Ahead of a previous strike, BECTU rep Kelly Rogers said: “We went on strike two years ago over pay, and we’re out again because we’re still being paid poverty wages. Many of us pay up to 75% of our income on rent. When we’re ill we have to choose between calling in sick and making rent that month. We’re asking for the basics here – enough to live on and dignity at work.”

Picturehouse parent company, Cineworld, the largest cinema circuit in Europe with more than 2,000 screens, posted an 8% increase in turnover in August, up to £357m. Whilst profits were down £16.2m to £30.6m, which the company put down partially to the timing of the Euro 2016 football championship, profitability is set to be helped in the second half of the year by some major releases.

  • To keep up to date with the progress of the campaigns at the Ritzy and at Hackney Picturehouse on twitter follow @ritzylivingwage and @hphlivingwage You can also donate to the workers’ strike fund via Crowdpac.

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