BREAKING: Mark Serwotka’s personal message to Jeremy Corbyn

Mark SerwotkaPCS general secretary Mark Serwotka has sent this personal message of support to Jeremy Corbyn:
“The EU referendum result was a devastating blow, capping a poisonous Leave campaign that preyed on genuine fears about a lack of investment in our communities and years of pent up distrust of politics, and directed this anger towards migrants.
“As many of us warned, the far right are already trying to exploit this and the political uncertainty the result has sparked. The most immediate and important thing we need is for Labour and the unions to lead a mass campaign against this racism and xenophobia to protect migrants, and to demand that housing, education, health and other public services are properly resourced.
“I am appalled that instead of helping with this, some self-indulgent Labour MPs are looking inward, and turning on you and the party members and supporters who elected you in a landslide last September. I believe you are the best person to lead the Labour party through what is undoubtedly going to be a difficult period and you have my full support.”

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