BREAKING: PCS executive backs Corbyn

PCSThe PCS executive today agreed to support Jeremy Corbyn against the attempt to unseat him.

At the same time, the union’s national executive committee pledged to urgently step up anti-racism campaigning in light of the EU referendum result.

The NEC held an emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the political fallout from the EU referendum and the impact on its members’ jobs in the civil service and related agencies.

It noted Corbyn’s promise at the union’s annual conference last month to restore national pay negotiations in the civil service – something New Labour refused to do in 13 years – and to oppose further cuts to pay and redundancy terms, and repeal the Tories’ Trade Union Act.

Jeremy and John McDonnell are longstanding supporters of the union and its campaigns against cuts by successive governments to pay, jobs, pensions and working conditions.

The union says that, while it is not affiliated to the Labour party, it now believes PCS members’ interests are best served by Jeremy’s continued leadership and is offering its support against the attempt to unseat him.

The union also says the referendum campaign opened the way for UKIP and some in the Tory party to channel the injustice felt in many working class communities into blaming migrants for low pay, unemployment, housing shortages and poor public services.

The union will be working with the Trades Union Congress to launch a new targeted and sustained anti-racism campaign in light of the referendum result that will also focus on the need for investment in our communities, and an end to cuts in public services and austerity.

As part of its response to the EU referendum, the union will also approach civil service employers and the devolved administrations to ask for information about functions related to the UK’s membership of the EU and seek protections for members. All cuts plans should be put on hold until the picture is clearer, the union says.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Our union supports Jeremy Corbyn against what is clearly a choreographed and undemocratic attempt to unseat him. Using the EU referendum result as cover is inexcusable when the urgent need is for Labour and the unions to unite to combat the rise of racism.

“In light of the rise in reported incidents of hate crime after the EU result, we will be stepping up our anti-austerity and anti-racism campaigning and focusing on how a lack of government investment in schools, housing, transport and our NHS is being hijacked to scapegoat migrants and ethnic minorities.”

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