BREAKING: PCS welcomes Labour leadership contest

PCSThe PCS says a Labour leadership ballot would be a welcome opportunity for a democratic debate.

The union is not affiliated to the Labour party but its ruling national executive recently voted to support Jeremy Corbyn against the attempt to unseat him.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “Jeremy Corbyn was elected by a landslide just 10 months ago and the premediated attempt to unseat him was undemocratic and shameful.

“We have said all along that if MPs want another leader they should stand a candidate, so we welcome this opportunity for a democratic debate and believe Jeremy will win again.”

At a special meeting, the union’s NEC noted Corbyn’s promise to restore national pay negotiations in the civil service – something New Labour refused to do in 13 years – and to oppose further cuts to pay and redundancy terms, and repeal the Tories’ Trade Union Act.

Corbyn and John McDonnell are longstanding supporters of the union and its campaigns against cuts by successive governments to pay, jobs, pensions and working conditions.

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