BREAKING: PDA Union submits formal recognition request at Boots

The Pharmacists Defence Association Union has submitted a formal request for recognition at the company.

Following last week’s decisive result in the derecognition ballot, the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) has terminated the agreement between Boots and the Boots Pharmacists Association, which blocked PDA Union’s previous attempts to get formal recognition at the company.

After the result, the PDA Union asked that the agreement with the BPA was ended this week; the BPA argued it should continue until the end of July it they had a meeting booked with the company on 2 July. The company, meanwhile, went even further, saying it had meetings scheduled with the BPA until November, so the agreement should continue “until such time as alternative arrangements are put in place” .

The CAC decided in favour of the PDA Union, ruling: “The ballot established that a majority of workers who voted in the ballot supported the proposal that the Union should be de-recognised by the Employer and the bargaining arrangements ended.

“In accordance with paragraph 121(3) of the Schedule and following consultation with the parties, the CAC declares that the Union (Boots Pharmacists Association) should be de-recognised by the Employer (Boots Management Services Limited) and its bargaining arrangements for the bargaining unit are to be ended with immediate effect 11 June 2018.”


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