Union anger as Rudd rejects Orgreave enquiry

OrgreaveThe government has ruled out an inquiry into alleged police brutality at the 1984 Orgreave miners’ picket.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “This is a terrible decision and a massive blow for Orgreave families. It sends out a dangerous message too – that corruption has a place to hide.

“The NUM and the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign have fought courageously for 30 years, and the TUC will stand by them for as long as it takes. Justice has been delayed, but we will not let it be denied.”

The home secretary Amber Rudd was accused of ‘shamelessly slamming the door on the truth’ by Len McCluskey the leader of Britain’s largest union Unite, after she refused to order an inquiry into Orgreave.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “Amber Rudd’s shameful refusal to hold an inquiry into Orgreave smacks of a continued cover-up by the establishment. It will be a bitter blow to those who seek the truth and justice, to those to whom her government gave false hope.

“The brutal actions of South Yorkshire police at Orgreave, the subsequent cover-up and the injustice to ordinary working men and women cannot go unanswered. For this stain on the national history to be scrubbed away, the families deserve nothing less that the scrutiny eventually provided to the Hillsborough families.

“Amber Rudd had an opportunity to help to get answers, to back Labour’s commitment to an independent inquiry, instead she has betrayed the hopes of those whose lives have been scarred by Orgreave and slammed the door on the truth.

“The home secretary will learn the hard way that working class families do not give up on justice this easily. The fight for the truth will go on.”

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