BREAKING: TSSA suspends tomorrow’s Virgin strike

TSSA has suspended the strike action on Virgin West Coast scheduled for tomorrow following a new offer from Virgin to settle the current pay dispute. It has also suspended the strike scheduled January 5.
TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said “I am pleased Virgin has finally seen sense, come back to the negotiating table, and made an offer sparing our passengers further disruption at a time of the year when the just want to get to be with their loved ones for Christmas.”
The RMT is planning to go ahead with tomorrow’s action over pay inequality.
* The TSSA is to ballot members at Cross Country trains over industrial action in a dispute about disparate pay rises for managers. The company, operated by German Government owned Arriva and runs across Britain, is refusing to pay managers the same 3.3% deal with £900 bonus payment plus concessionary rail travel in retirement.

This deal was agree agreed for those covered by TSSA collective bargaining earlier this year but on direct orders from Berlin, say Cross Country, our manager members not covered by collective bargaining are being awarded just 1%.

Manuel Cortes said: “You’ve got to pay tribute to the sense of fair play and solidarity among our manager members. They can’t just stand aside and allow the company to get treat them as second class citizens.

“We’d urge all managers if not yet part of our union family to join our union ASAP to minimise the vindictive treatment being meted our to them by the mighty and, very wealthy, German rail company Deutsche Bahn

‘And we put Arriva, and Deutsche Bahn on notice that they are picking on the wrong people at the wrong time at Cross Country. But we thank them for being a recruiting sergeant for our union. Across the Arriva group in Britain, everyone of your employees is sick of not being valued for the worth they bring to your company. But at Cross Country our union reps are not prepared to stand by and see you impose a pay cut on our members. That’s solidarity of working people for you.

“Ballot papers will go out on December 28 with a recommendation from our union that members support industrial action.Should the company wish to up the offer on their tight decision in the meantime, we will of course be all ears.”

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