Coming soon: a new look for

Union is taking a break for ten days or so while we redesign our website.

The redesign will contribute to the next stage of the site’s development, helping it deliver content to multiple platforms and across a range of devices in a clearer, more robust way.

The layout and design system is accessible at its heart, ensuring clarity for readers no matter how they choose to read. As with other publishers, our readers have a diverse range of needs and our new design works with browser tools and plug-ins to aid readers with visual impairments, color blindness, have low vision, those who are deaf or have hearing difficulties.

We’ll be bringing stories and features to the fore, removing unnecessary noise or functionality and presenting a clean reading experience and hierarchy of information. We’ll achieve this with the introduction of new typography, menus and graphics to aid users as they digest the daily updates.

We’ll also be encouraging readers to share news and features and add their own comments to their chosen networks, helping us achieve even greater reach. We want to encourage readers to spend more time on the site through engaging homepage and category layouts and by auto-loading relevant articles as a reader finishes another.

As well as the visual refresh of the site, we’ll integrate a new email mailing list feature. Readers will be given the opportunity to subscribe on most pages of the website and have the option to manage their subscription preferences. Daily email digests of important or popular stories are the most effective way to drive traffic at a website when subscriber lists are managed effectively.

Thanks for your support!


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