Cortes defends free pensioner travel from “nasty” Tory mayoral candidate

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes has defended free travel for London pensioners after the Tories discussed taking it away.
Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey attended a ‘Manifesto for London’ where delegates proposed raising the age for Freedom Passes from 56 to 75.
Manuel Cortes responded: “Bring it on Shaun. Your Manifesto for London is already a pile of nasty Tory bile. After turning on our capital’s pensioners, what’s next on the transport front? Taxing baby buggies? Slapping a charge on kids for having stabilisers on their bikes? Or wheel chair users in transit?
“Blue sky Tory thinking is not hard. Just plain nasty. And Bailey has got off to the nastiest of political campaign starts.
“If the Tories will pick a fight with defenceless pensioners, they have lost the right to even get into the political ring.  Keeping Londoners safe means keeping the Tories at the gate. Voting Sadiq for a second term at City Hall.”
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