Cortes praises leftwing MPs’ Brexit delay plan

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes has praised leftwing MPs who have launched a campaign in Parliament calling for a delay to May’s Brexit time table and a stop to Brexit.
Nine MPs yesterday attended a meeting organised by Another Europe Is Possible entitled ‘Love Socialism, Hate Brexit’, in Parliament. Chaired by Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the MPs were Chi Onwurrah, Clive Lewis, Alex Sobel, Matt Rodda, Rosie Duffield, Rachel Maskell, Ged Killen and Paul Sweeney.
Manuel Cortes said: “Our union wholeheartedly applauds Labour’s Corbyn-supporting MPs for coming together to inject the voices of their constituents who are opposed to Brexit. Their voices have been heard loudly and clearly in Parliament today. 

“The Brexit debate  is characterised in the media as a personality tussle. As Theresa vs Jeremy or  Theresa May vs the ERG or Corbyn vs Peoples Voters. However, the real story is out there in the country amongst ordinary people who have many other worries like making ends meet in Tory Britain.

“Frankly, most of them are just simply sick and tired of Brexit. They are sick to their back teeth of squabbling politicians and of the headache and heartache down the line if May’s Brexit is not stopped.

“This socialist group of MPs have told how people from Scotland to East Anglia just want an end to politicians playing politics with Brexit. They want someone to take Britain back from the Brexit brink.

“Ordinary people are hearing doctors warnings that there will be no medicines for patients. They hear the Chambers of Commerce leaders screaming ‘Stop!’ because businesses are going under. But they see a Conservative Prime Minister playing a game of Russian roulette with our futures. 

“Of course the biggest problem with Brexit is Brexit, but May is simply selling Britain down the river and corroding  the economy by putting her wretched Party before our country. Let’s be brutally frank, she is not expected to be in office by the summer. So best she goes now. Her Brexit timetable is a bullying tactic. Good that socialist MPs are calling her out and demanding a stop to the her Brexit clock.
“I’m glad a socialist group of MPs, all loyal to Corbyn, get that the time is now to stand up and inject their constituents voices into the Brexit debate. Real people are really worried. And they have done their constituents and our country a favour by showing this lead today. 

“Our polling has shown that any Labour appeasement of Tory Brexit will cost them up to 45 seats across the country. So these MPs are right to be concerned about doing deals with the Tories as it will cost us the general election. I hope deal makers within our movement hear this concern. 

“Extending article 50 well beyond March 29 is now the priority. Cooler heads than May’s must prevail. When unions are telling you the country’s workers and livelihoods are in peril and business leaders are agreeing with us and screaming for a different course, it’s time to change tack.

“A Labour in government at the helm of deciding how we move forward on Brexit is my preference. But no deals with Tories and any deal at all on Brexit must be given back to the people for sign off. This must be the way ahead for Labour. “
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