CWU members benefit from shorter working week … with no loss of pay

400 CWU members this week become the first Royal Mail Group workers in the country to benefit from the shorter working week clause that the union won in the Four Pillars national agreement.

Staff at Royal Mail’s three MDEC sites – Farnworth, Plymouth and Stoke – are in Week One of a 40-minute reduction to their weekly duty rosters without loss of pay, a change equivalent to an hourly rate increase of approximately 1.9%.

CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey said: “It’s great that this group of hard-working members are benefitting from this reduction, with full-time MDEC keyers getting a 40-minute reduction in the working week, while their part-time colleagues are receiving the commensurate increase in their pay packets due to the enhanced hourly pay.”

The workers receive a shorter working week because of a clause within the Four Pillars agreement, which explained it in terms of the pay differential between MDEC workers and other grades and also on the basis of achieving jointly agreed efficiency of 950 gross tasks per hour (GTPH).

Under the agreement, a full hour is scheduled to be shaved off in October, again without loss of pay, and this will apply right across the business – subject to the criteria as set out in the Four Pillars agreement – and this will represent a value of a 2.8% rise.

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