Derby TAs announce five more days’ strike action

UNISON Derby schools strikeSchool support staff in Derby are to take all out strike action for five days starting on Monday as the latest talks with the city council fail to reach an agreement.

Next week is on top of the two days of action taking place this week (yesterday and today), during which school support staff are holding a 24-hour vigil outside the city council’s offices.

UNISON regional secretary Helen Black said: “During negotiations with the council UNISON has clearly set out how the dispute could be brought to an end, allowing school staff to return to the jobs they love, without fear of losing their homes.

“The dispute has been dragging on for nine months. It’s surely time the council leadership got involved to find a way to end the disruption affecting parents and pupils, and the real financial hardship being experienced by school staff.

“Between now and next week’s strikes the council should use the time to put forward a sensible offer to end the dispute once and for all and let pupils, parents and school staff get their lives back to normal.”

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