“Don’t believe media rumours about unions” – Unite hits back at “malicious” Guardian letter

Unite has hit back at criticisms of general secretary Len McCluskey in a letter published in yesterday’s Guardian.

The letter, signed by 50 Unite members, calls on McCluskey to immediately withdraw from his negotiations with Theresa May, and urges MPs to vote down the Tory Brexit deal

In response, a  Unite spokesperson said: “The criticisms of Len McCluskey from second referendum campaigners are malicious and deliberately misleading. Len McCluskey is not negotiating a Brexit deal with Theresa May.

“He has met the prime minister once, as have several other trade union leaders, when he took the opportunity to raise a number of concerns for working people, including the danger of a no-deal Brexit and the need for a customs union in order to preserve jobs.

“The terms of Brexit can only be determined by MPs, and Unite fully supports Jeremy Corbyn’s efforts to secure the best possible arrangements.

“We endorse the proposals set out in his letter to the prime minister yesterday as being an approach that can bring all people of goodwill together. We urge all Labour Party members and supporters to get behind them.

“Len McCluskey continues to liaise with government ministers to ensure that jobs in manufacturing and elsewhere are safeguarded and makes no apologies for doing so.  Posturing will not keep a single factory open.

“Unite activists for the most part know better than to believe media rumours about their union, and we urge Another Europe is Possible to take the same sceptical approach.”

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