EE reverses on-site union union ban to give reps a good reception

ee-eeUnion reps, barred from recruiting at EE sites, have been allowed back on the company’s premises.

The telephone giant last month suspended CWU’s ‘access days’, in a move the union called “a shock blow to good relations”. It has now reversed its decision.

CWU assistant secretary John East said: “We were very surprised and disappointed to be told in September that our agreed leafleting of one day a month was to be cancelled for the month. EE is a wholly owned BT subsidiary and we do not expect to encounter this sort of thing.

“However, things are now back on track and CWU branch officials and EE staff reps will be back out there, recruiting new members at sites across the country, in Greenock, Doxford, Merthyr Tydfil, Darlington, North Tyneside and Plymouth.”

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