Fawley oil refinery caterers begin pay strike

Unite Fawley strikersCatering staff working for Baxterstorey at the Fawley oil refinery canteen in Hampshire are today on strike for the first time over a below inflation 1.5% offer.

The 18-strong female Unite members who cater for up to 1,000 workers in a safety critical environment at the refinery walked out at midnight for 24 hours, and will do so again on Tuesday.

With more 24 hour walkouts planned for September 1 and 4, Unite called on Baxterstorey bosses to get back around the negotiating table, warning that they risked escalating the dispute if they sought to bus in staff to cover the striking workers.

Unite regional officer Mick Pollek said: “Catering staff at Fawley oil refinery play an important role in keeping refinery workers fed and watered in a safety critical work environment.

“Strike action is not a step they take lightly, but after seeing their pay fall in real terms and a refusal by Baxterstorey to improve on its pitiful offer, this often overlooked group of workers has decided to take a stand for better pay.

“Baxterstorey should not underestimate the determination of our members and would be wise to get back around the negotiating table to avoid a further escalation of this dispute.

“It is time that the hard work and loyalty of catering staff at Fawley is recognised with a decent pay rise.”

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