FBU issues fire warning after Brentford blaze

FBU general secretary Matt Wrack has called for the government to get together with firefighters, tenants and the fire safety industry to implement the Grenfell inquiry recommendations.

Speaking after a major fire at a Travelodge in Brentford, London, yesterday that saw more than 100 firefighters respond, Matt Wrack said: “This fire is yet another sign of this government’s utter failure to get to grips with our fire safety crisis. Two years on from Grenfell, there has still been no comprehensive programme testing building materials.

“The approach so far has been the agonisingly slow removal of one particular kind of cladding, but that barely scratches the surface.

“The Tory manifesto made no new policy proposals to tackle the fire safety crisis – just more of the same indifferent inaction. They have slashed the fire and rescue service and could not even bring themselves to mention it in their manifesto. Their record is nothing short of shameful.

“We need to bring together firefighters, government, tenants, and the fire safety industry to properly implement the Grenfell inquiry recommendations and get to grips with this crisis before we have another tragedy.”

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