FBU slams government’s fridge fire complacency

The FBU says an investigation into fridges by consumer charity Which? highlights the government’s “complacency” on fire safety.

The charity reveals that banned fridges and freezers with dangerous flammable plastic backings, like the fridge that started the Grenfell Tower fire, are still on sale in the UK. While new tests come into force today effectively banning the fire-risk models, businesses are still able to offload existing stock. You can watch troubling footage from the Which? investigation here.

FBU general secretary Matt Wrack said: “This worrying revelation highlights the government’s utter complacency on fire safety. The government has repeatedly said it is learning the lessons from Grenfell, but two years on it has done nothing to prevent the sale of the same hazardous appliances that started that fire.

“Tens of thousands of people still live in buildings covered with flammable cladding, while countless other fire safety failings go unnoticed. Cuts to our fire and rescue service have continued, subjecting residents to a postcode lottery of safety when a fire starts. The government needs to get serious about fire safety before it’s too late.”

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