FBU warns firefighters are “scrambling” on the frontline of the climate emergency

The FBU has warned that firefighters are “scrambling” on the frontline of the climate emergency, after years of cuts.

The union has called for firefighters to be “central” in planning for the UK’s response to the climate breakdown and for a statutory duty to respond to flooding in England.

FBU general secretary Matt Wrack said: “We’re seeing firefighters respond to flooding emergencies across South Yorkshire and the midlands, saving lives, homes and businesses. Across the country, communities are preparing for another wave of devastating floods.

“The climate emergency means we’ll be seeing more largescale flood incidents that strain fire and rescue service resources. But firefighter numbers and fire service budgets have been slashed since 2010, leaving fewer personnel that can be mobilised in an emergency. Without a statutory duty for firefighters to respond to flooding in England, we’ve had to fight for decent equipment and the means to operate it.

“We can’t keep scrambling like this. Firefighters are on the frontline here – they must be central in our planning to protect people in the face of the climate emergency.”

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