Foodbank set up for FCO strikers

A foodbank has been set up at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to aid striking contracted out workers who have not been paid since the end of April.

Maintenance, cleaners and support staff working for Interserve at the FCO are currently on strike for five days over union recognition, working conditions and pay problems.

The measure has been taken by the local PCS branch to help workers who cannot afford the bare essentials due to underpayment of wages and in many cases no money at all since April 28 following a pay date change.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “It is utterly shameful that workers at a government department are being forced to use a foodbank because of unpaid wages. This is the second time our members have set up a foodbank in a government office.

“Jeremy Hunt must take personal responsibility for this dispute and intervene to resolve it. No one can justify a situation where those who clean and maintain a major government office, are having to resort to foodbanks to make ends meet.

“Interserve need to be taken off the contract immediately and all these workers need to be brought in house and paid a civil service rate of pay.”


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