Former President Hoyle enters RMT general secretary race

Former RMT president Sean Hoyle has announced he is standing for the union’s general secretary.

Hoyle will be standing against incumbent Mick Cash in the election beginning at the end of June. The result will be announced at the end of August.

In a message to members, Hoyle wrote: “Members should be given a choice regarding the future direction of our union and that’s exactly what I intend to do. The collective power of our union comes from the workplace and only a grassroots bottom up philosophy will carry us forward.

“I make no apologies when I promise that if elected I will be taking a much more aggressive approach with our opponents, whether that be industrial or political opponents. Those that know me will affirm that my consistent position regarding all politicians and political parties has always been that we only support those that support us.

“Our union’s independence from all parties is important because this allows you to decide for yourselves what political strategy works best for RMT members. If our members and communities are under attack, then we can fight
back without having to check the colour of their rosette first.”

I started work in our industry in 1992 so have only ever been a member of our union as the RMT so I don’t see the tribal differences that some people refer to when talking about our history. While we should be proud of that history it is vitally important that we remember that the past we inherit – the future we build and that we are one, all grades union where all members really are equal.

“I will leave you with a final thought; The trade union movement is the largest democratic movement in society, it is the first and last line of defence for millions of working people. I firmly believe that we, the RMT should be at the forefront of not just defending our members but also defending the communities we and our families live in.
Militant trade unions must lead the way to achieve not just industrial victories but a fairer more equal society for all.”

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