Freight drivers to strike over pensions


Drivers at two of the big five rail freight companies in Britain have voted overwhelmingly to strike in a bid to protect their pensions.

ASLEF’s executive committee yesterday called two 24-hour strikes for March 15 and 29. ASLEF members were balloted after management at Freightliner Intermodal and Freightliner Heavy Haul sought to change the terms of the companies’ pension scheme.

ASLEF general secretary Mick Whelan said: ‘We regret the need to ballot our members – we should not have been forced into this position – and we regret the need to go on strike but we are determined to protect the interests of our members and, therefore, delighted by the decision of our freight drivers to defend their pension scheme.

“It is not too late for the company to see sense. We are still willing to sit down and talk to Freightliner and try to keep the wheels of business turning in Britain.”

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