“Furious” RMT accuses Southern of blocking strike talks

rmt-southern-strikeThe RMT has accused Southern Rail of making a mockery of strike  talks by refusing to give any safety guarantees and blocking any chance of serious negotiations.

After union reps met yesterday with company bosses, RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “We entered the talks in good faith but it soon became clear that the only thing Southern were interested in was bulldozing through driver only operation further and faster with safety and access to services not even on their agenda. That pig-headed attitude has wrecked the talks process.

“Not only have Southern refused point blank to give a guarantee on a second safety critical member of staff but the company have also made it clear that the deal set up by the TUC in the drivers’ dispute is even worse than we first expected and gives Southern a free run to kick the legs from under our members who have fought for nearly a year on the principles of safety and access.

“RMT’s negotiating team is furious at the way this union and its members have been treated. This is dire news not just for staff but for passengers who rightly demand a safe, reliable and accessible service.  I will now take a full report back to the union’s executive.”

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