Gerard Coyne withdraws unfair dismissal case against Unite

Gerard Coyne has withdrawn his unfair dismissal case against Unite.

Coyne lost his job as Unite’s West Midlands regional secretary after the election for the union’s general secretary, which he also lost. He then filed a list of complaints about how the election was run. His legal appeal was thrown out in June.

In response, Unite’s assistant general secretary for legal affairs Howard Beckett said: “We welcome the withdrawal of Mr Coyne’s case against Unite. This now concludes the litany of challenges Mr Coyne has brought against the union relating to his defeat in last year’s general secretary election and his dismissal from the union for misusing his position as regional secretary.

“It should be noted that not a single one of his cases, at the employment tribunal, with the Certification Officer or the Information Commissioner has been successful.

“I hope the media will report this outcome as extensively as it covered his original allegations. The fact is that the administration of Unite has been vindicated in every respect, both in the conduct of our election and as an employer.

“We remain, however, deeply concerned as to some of the matters that have come to light in the course of all these proceedings, indicating substantial external interference in the affairs of our union and the possible breach of data protection legislation.  We shall be pursuing these matters vigorously with the appropriate authorities.”

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