Get set for a new decade of union learning

I’d like to wish all our reps and learners a happy and successful new year from the whole unionlearn team. We hope every one of you starts 2020 by taking part in a taster, a workshop or a course that gets this new decade off to a really positive start. 

Here at unionlearn, we have a wide range of resources to help you move on throughout 2020, whether that’s professionally or personally or both. There’s SkillCheck, the smartphone app and web-based tool we created to help potential learners assess what level they are currently working at in English, maths and digital.

There are all the new resources we have developed with the help of the Erasmus+ Mid-Life Skills Review Project to help workers identify the skills they have and work out where they want to go next, not least the new Value My Skills digital tool.

And for anyone considering a change of work scene in the new year, we have collated a massive amount of useful data about a wide range of roles in our Careerzone, which includes everything from future employment projections to a bank of careers advice videos.

The unionlearn team are already busy planning some fantastic events for you all during 2020. These start off with a number of workshops to showcase the benefits of the new Career Kickstart Review that supports younger workers and a series of sessions explaining the best ways to engage with, and make use of, the National Retraining Scheme as it is rolled out.

There will also be the highly popular series of autumn regional events – but the highlight of the unionlearn year will once again be the Annual Conference held in Congress House. The date is already set at Thursday 9th July, so pop it in your diary now.

A particular highlight of the Annual Conference over recent years has been unionlearn’s ULR of the Year Awards, we will soon be asking for nominations and look forward to hearing about some of the hundreds of ULRs who make a difference to people’s lives every day.

Unionlearn is here to support you, and the team all love is to hear the stories of fantastic events and the inspiring learners you have organised and supported. We are always keen to have more stories that demonstrate the benefits union learning has afforded workers, so please send them to use throughout the year and we will share them.

Finally, I’d like to thank all our ULRs for everything you do week in, week out throughout the year, on behalf of your learners. 

Here’s to us all making a difference in 2020!

  • Kevin Rowan is director of unionlearn and Head of Organisation, Services and Skills at the TUC. This blog first appeared on the unionlearn website 


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