GMB accuses May of putting patients’ lives at risk

The GMB has criticised Theresa May’s weakness as new stats show 17,000 ambulance patients – or one in five – were delayed by 30 minutes of more last week.

The figures, released by NHS England yesterday, also reveal that 5,082 ambulance patients were delayed by more than an hour before being admitted to A&E.

As Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has presided over crisis upon crisis in the NHS, but when she tried to give him the boot – as GMB called for last week – Theresa May caved in to his demands and gave him responsibility for social care as well.

GMB national officer Kevin Brandstatter said: “Jeremy Hunt is clearly not up to the job of safeguarding our health service. Under his stewardship the NHS has lurched from crisis to disaster and now appears to be at the point of collapse.

“But rather than take the matter in hand, our weak Prime Minister has rewarded the health secretary for his continued failure.

“By allowing herself to be bullied by her own cabinet – Theresa May’s lack of leadership is now putting patient’s lives at risk this winter.”

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