GMB ready to ballot at Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City CouncilThe GMB is consulting nearly 7,000 members in Birmingham City Council over proposed changes to terms and conditions of employment.

The union is advising its members that it is prepared to challenge the council on these proposals and is ready to ballot members for industrial action if the council gives notice that it will try to force through these changes without agreement.

The council is consulting staff on to changes to their contracts following the announcement in December of the intention to withdraw from national agreements and set their own reduced terms and conditions. The proposed changes will also apply to schools staff working in Birmingham community schools, maintained nurseries, voluntary controlled schools and also in house construction arm Acivico.

GMB regional officer Gillian Whittaker said: “GMB has categorically insisted that the council should not be proposing changes to nationally agreed terms and conditions for local council and school staff. These cover sick pay entitlements and other terms and conditions.

“Birmingham is a Labour-led council. GMB considers that it goes against Labour principles to try to force through these changes. It is clear that the majority of schools Head Teachers are also opposed to these changes.

“Labour-led Birmingham should defend the nationally agreed terms and conditions for their loyal staff.”

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