GWR cleaners on strike over poverty working conditions

gwrCleaners working on GWR are today on strike over serious bullying, claims of discrimination and poverty working conditions.

The RMT members, employed by private contractor Servest UK, are calling on agency staff to be employed by GWR so they receive the same benefits as staff on permanent contracts.

They voted 98% voted for strike action and, after today, will take further action on December 23rd and 24th.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Our cleaner members on GWR will not stand by while they are mercilessly exploited by privateers, while rail companies fill their coffers as fares soar through the roof. That is why they are taking strike action today.

“A delegation of RMT cleaners and their supporters will also travel to GWR’s head offices in Swindon to hand deliver a petition and make their feelings clear to GWR directors.

“GWR and Servest UK can bring an immediate resolution to this dispute by immediately addressing the issues over pay and other grievances and starting the process of bringing these workers back in house so that they are on the same terms and conditions as the rest of the staff. The union remains available for talks.”

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