“Insufficient” – NEU on education funding

The government’s additional money for education is not enough, says the NEU.

A report published today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies says the government’s promised extra £7.1bn by 2022-23 would return funding to the levels of 2009 only – an effective 13-year real-terms freeze.

NEU joint general secretary Kevin Courtney said: “This IFS report confirms our belief that the additional money announced in the Spending Round is insufficient. They point out that even after the Spending Round, schools still have to cope with an unprecedented 13-year long funding squeeze.

“Importantly, the report, like last year’s, draws attention to the crisis in 16-19 education which still needs an additional £1bn a year to deal with cuts.

“The report also demonstrates the government’s priorities. Funding has been removed from policies that helped reduce inequality and helped children overcome adversity. These services have been reduced to the point where all they do is fulfil minimum legal duties.”

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