“It’s karma” – Blacklist Support Group on Carillion going bust

Blacklisted carpenter and joint secretary of the Blacklist Support Group Roy Bentham has said Carillion going bust is “karma”.

Responding to the firm’s collapse into liquidation, Roy Bentham said: “Carillion going bust to me is Karma. No tears crocodile or otherwise from me.

“They were up to their neck in blacklisting union members for raising safety concerns. They got caught and said sorry but they were only sorry for being caught. The fact I couldn’t get employment on the Liverpool Royal Hospital or Anfield shows they never changed their spots.

“The fact that the manager who placed me on the Consulting Association files back in 1995 was still working there up until this morning shows how serious they took this as a human rights abuse. No one disciplined, never mind sacked over the scandal tells you all you need to know”.

The other BSG joint secretary, Dave Smith, posted on his Facebook page: “Carillon blacklisted me after I raised concerns about safety on their building sites; it ended up in the European Court of Human Rights. At the very same time the company were milking public sector contracts including in the NHS. Not another penny of taxpayers money should be given to these wretches”.

You can read what unions are saying about Carillion here.

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