Man charged with killing CWU member Kelly Mary Fauvrelle

Twenty-five-year-old Aaron McKenzie has been charged with killing CWU member Kelly Mary Fauvrelle.

McKenzie is also accused of the manslaughter of Kelly’s son Riley, who was delivered by paramedics but died in hospital.  Kelly was fatally stabbed two weeks ago.

Following her death, the CWU called for an immediate reversal of police cuts. General secretary Dave Ward said: “The union will do everything possible to help both Kelly’s family and our members during this period. Yet another loss of innocent life is utterly sickening. It is clear the gang culture and environment across the UK but in London particularly has reached a level where it just cannot go on.

“The CWU calls for an immediate reversal of police cuts in London and across the UK as an absolute priority and we will link up with other organisations to pressure the government and Mayor to act now. The streets are not safe any more and this is not the world we should hand over to our children and grandchildren. Enough is enough.

“Rest in peace Kelly.”


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