McDonnell joins McStrikers on day of action

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell will today join a protest at 10 Downing Street by McDonald’s fast food workers demanding decent wages as well as an end to “youth pay rates”, and job security.

BFAWU members at six stores across London are taking part in an international day of action for fast food workers’ rights, calling for a New Deal for McDonald’s workers that would include £15 an hour, an end to youth rates, the choice of guaranteed hours of up to 40 hours a week, notice of shifts four weeks in advance, recognition of the BFAWU and to be treated with respect and dignity at work.

McStriker Lewis Baker today tweeted: “I’ve worked at McDonald’s for six years and today I’m going on strike for the fourth time. McDonald’s workers everywhere face poverty pay, insecure hours and a lack of basic respect. But we are growing bigger with every strike and together we will win.”

John McDonnell said: “Low pay and insecure work is endemic in the fast food industry. That’s why I helped launch the fast food campaign and support these young workers in their campaign to secure decent wages and conditions.

“A Labour government will take on the big corporations such as McDonalds to stop them from paying out poverty wages.

“Labour’s commitment to a £10 an hour real living wage and an end to in work poverty will help millions of low-paid workers across the country.”

McDonald’s workers in the BFAWU have previously gone on strike three times: on 4 September 2017, 1 May 2018, and 4 October 2018. This strike will be the largest to date of McDonald’s workers with more stores (six) going out on strike than ever before.

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