NASUWT members take two-day strike at Shenley Academy

NASUWT members at Shenley Academy and Sixth Form in Birmingham have taken two days of strike action over adverse management practices.

The union says the employer has failed to make “tangible and sustained progress” in addressing teachers’ concerns, despite the union’s genuine willingness to engage and find a resolution.

NASUWT general secretary (acting) Chris Keates said: “Teachers deserve working conditions which reflect their role as skilled professionals and they have a right to be treated with dignity at work.

“Our members regret that they have been forced into taking strike action again at the school. Despite the fact that the NASUWT is willing to negotiate a settlement to the dispute, the employer fails to sustain the agreements reached and to implement changes that make a sustained and tangible improvement to working conditions.

“Our members are deeply frustrated. As dedicated and committed teachers they just want to get on with their job but the Employer is failing to address their concerns.

“The union is entering into discussions in good faith with the senior management at the school but we need to be assured that decisions reached at these meetings will be honoured and that our members will see a real improvement in their working conditions.”

NASUWT national executive member for Birmingham Debbie Hayton said:  “The strike action is a direct result of the failure of the school’s leadership to address the deep concerns of members about the way in which they are being managed and a culture in the school which is adversely affecting their ability to do their best for the pupils they teach.

“As a result of the management practices at the school many teachers left last term.

“We regret disruption to pupils and parents but the blame for this must rest squarely with the employer which has not taken action to address our concerns.”

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