Not going to #PayRise rally? Read Frances O’Grady’s message here

Too many of our public servants are struggling to get by.

This year, one in seven have skipped meals to make ends meet. It’s unacceptable that in modern Britain, nurses are turning to foodbanks, and firefighters are having to take on second jobs to feed their families.

The government is in retreat on public sector pay. But instead of taking decisive action, they’ve proposed half-measures. That’s why the TUC has organised a major rally for fair pay, taking place this evening outside Parliament.

In next month’s budget, the chancellor Philip Hammond must give public servants the decent pay rise they’ve earned. At the very least, that means matching the rate of inflation.

You can add your voice to the rally from anywhere. So if you can’t be there in person please write to your MP, calling on them to demand a fair pay rise for our public servants.

Our public services are already at breaking point. In fact, all that’s holding them together is the dedication and hard work of staff. More cuts – or “productivity improvements” as Jeremy Hunt likes to call them – should be out of the question. That means announcing new funding. Anything else would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The government will plead poverty on this issue. They’ll say they recognise the “sacrifice” public sector workers have made, but insist there’s no money for a fair pay rise.

That isn’t true. When it comes to providing massive tax giveaways to big business, or buying off the DUP, the government has no trouble finding billions of pounds. This is a debate about political choices – and the government has chosen to target ordinary working people.

But the good news is that we have a real opportunity for change here. Public sector pay has become a key political battleground, and the government is losing the argument. The vast majority of voters now say they support lifting the pay cap, even if that were to mean higher taxes.

We need to keep pushing and get all our public servants the fair deal they deserve.

Will you add to the public pressure on the government, by writing to your MP now?

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