“Our members have delivered” – CWU on Royal Mail accounts

Royal MailRoyal Mail has today released its annual account results which represents another solid performance for the company, says the CWU.

CWU deputy general secretary Terry Pullinger said: “Once again these results demonstrate that postal workers have delivered in the face of grossly unfair and intense competition, overbearing naval gazing regulation and perpetual technological change. We are proud that our members have maintained an excellent public service, which is still relevant and excellent value for money.

“Our concern, apart from addressing the grossly unfair gig economy challenges and the need for industry wide regulation standards, is that the company is at a crossroads. What is now required is bold thinking and greater investment both in the company and its employees.

“Royal Mail can either grow its way to future success, promoting its core products, developing new products and diversifying its portfolio. Or, it can take the easy path, which shrinks the company, manages decline and seeks to maintain profits and shareholder returns by attacking the terms and conditions of its employees. Strategic phrases like ‘progressive dividend returns’ must not translate into the company’s only priority in advance of service and decent employment standards.

“The easy path is totally unacceptable to the CWU and we will lobby with all means available to us to ensure that Royal Mail remains a major player, continues to focus on its growth and stability agenda and maintains employment, standard of living and pension security for all its employees.”

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