PCS attacks May over Trump silence

theresa-mayThe government’s inaction over Donald Trump’s travel ban is “further evidence of a cavalier attitude to equality”, the PCS says.

It comes as the Cabinet Office approves 12 compulsory redundancies at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, with letters due to be issued to staff in early February.

The union says Theresa May’s reluctance to criticise Trump’s policy follows years of the UK government vilifying migrants – including ‘Go Home’ vans while May was home secretary – and cuts to EHRC that will leave it less able to combat hatred and discrimination.

Opposing the cuts, PCS and Unite members have so far taken five days of strikes.

A recent National Audit Office briefing, prepared for the women and equalities select committee, notes the EHRC’s budget has been cut by almost 70% since it was created in 2008, and faces a further 25% over the next four years.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “As staff whose job it is to combat hate and discrimination face the sack, the reluctance of Theresa May’s government to criticise Donald Trump is further evidence of a cavalier attitude to equality.

“There is no need to force staff out of their jobs and we will continue to fight these redundancies.”

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