PCS issues statement in support of Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn EcotricityMembers of PCS’s executive are this week meeting to explore what support it can give to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“A statement on the union’s website said: “In advance of the EU referendum, we raised questions that were central concerns for our members around jobs, pay and public services, and these were not adequately addressed by either side.

“We were also deeply concerned about how the debate was dominated by the demonisation of migrants and attempts to undermine the value of immigration to our society.

“The result forced the resignation of the prime minister, who deserves to shoulder the blame for failing to persuade enough Tory party members to back him in a referendum he chose to call to appease his backbenchers.

“Attempts to blame Jeremy Corbyn are nothing more than shameful opportunism. We are not affiliated to the Labour party, but we have publicly supported Jeremy and were honoured that he became the first Labour leader to address our annual conference last month.

“At that conference he promised to restore national pay negotiations in the civil service – something New Labour refused to do in 13 years – and pledged to oppose further cuts to pay and redundancy terms, and repeal the Tories’ Trade Union Act. He has also been a leading voice for decades against racism and discrimination, campaigning for change for many things we now take for granted.

“On this basis, we believe PCS members’ interests are best served by Jeremy’s continued leadership and we want to carry on working with him and his team to develop policy and opposition to this Tory government.

“The fallout from the referendum has created enormous uncertainty for our members and we will urgently be seeking assurances from the government on issues including job security and employment rights.

“Our national executive will meet this week to discuss this and how to provide support to Jeremy facing opposition from MPs in his own party, many of whom have in the past been proponents of cuts to our members’ jobs and pay.”

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