PCS moves closer to affiliating to the Labour Party

PCSPCS has moved closed to affiliating to the Labour Party.

Delegates to the union’s annual conference in Brighton yesterday voted to review their political campaigning in the light of Jeremy Corbyn’s election of Labour leader.

A motion proposed by general secretary Mark Serwtoka – who recently joined the Party – said next year’s conference would look at proposals including the issue of affiliation.

He said Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour party presented the union with “an opportunity to exert more influence on Labour’s policy development through our longstanding relationships with Jeremy and shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

He said: ”If you close your eyes when Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell are speaking to conference you could easily think you were listening to a member of our NEC.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement to restore national pay bargaining is a historic announcement and we need to look at how we can support him and John.”

The FBU last year became the first union to re-affiliaite to the Labour Party in a decade.

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