PDA Union accuses Boots of adopting anti-union tactics to scupper recognition vote

The union seeking recognition at Boots has accused senior management of adopting anti-union tactics to try and defeat the vote.

Managers have begun to refer to the PDA Union as a “third party” and have hastily arranged a series of nationwide roadshows to talk to staff about the ballot BEFORE the ballot period opens. Once the ballot opens on February 4, they are legally obliged to invite the union to any relevant meetings. Managers have informed the union no such meetings are planned during the ballot period.

What makes it worse is the PDA Union was pushing for the ballot to start in January, but at the request of the company, which said January was a busy period for the business, agreed to put it back a month.

As reported by union-news.co.uk, Boots has gone to great lengths to prevent the PDA Union getting a foothold in the company.

PDA Union assistant general secretary Mark Pitt said: “Boots now appears to be attempting to marginalise its front-line pharmacist workforce by describing them as a “third party”. We find this concerning in a huge multinational company that claims to be pharmacy-led. Boots is going to extraordinary lengths to stop its pharmacists securing better working conditions through the PDA Union.”

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