PDAU signs first recognition agreement with Boots

Anne Higgins, Director of Stores Scotland and Northern Ireland, with Mark Pitt, PDAU Assistant General Secretary

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association Union has signed its first voluntary recognition agreement with Boots UK. 

It comes after a long-running and sometimes fractious battle for recognition and means the PDAU will now have collective bargaining rights for negotiation on pay, hours and holiday, as well as consultative meetings on a range of topics.

The formal agreement means that the PDAU will negotiate the annual pay for these roles with Boots, starting with the forthcoming annual pay review for the financial year 19/20.

PDAU assistant general secretary Mark Pitt said: “Our objective is to work with Boots UK to create a positive employee relations environment, where the voice of pharmacists is heard, and our members are able to contribute to the business as respected health professionals.”

Anne Higgins, Director of Stores Scotland and Northern Ireland, who co-chaired the meetings on the agreement said, “This is the start of a new, more positive relationship between Boots UK and the PDAU. We look forward to working with them with a new spirit of partnership in the years ahead, working together for the long term sustainable success of our pharmacists and Boots UK.”

The agreement means

  • The PDAU will have one regional representative per region, with one per division stepping up to fulfil a broader role and also participate in annual pay negotiations
  • A Joint Consultative Committee will be set up, which all reps will attend. It will meet four times per year to discuss proposals for any material changes to people policies against an agreed list, identify unresolved issues in the workplace and discuss health and safety matters relating to the Bargaining Unit
  • There will be a Joint Negotiating Board made up of a smaller subset of reps for the purpose of negotiations relating to pay, hours and holidays
  • We have also agreed a list of policy items which Boots will inform the PDAU about if there are any changes. This includes items such as bonus payments and changes to some HR policies.

The signing took place at the Boots Store, Victoria Centre Nottingham.

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