POA awaits contempt ruling

The POA is awaiting judgement on whether they are guilty of contempt following last year’s walk-out over prison violence.

The union, which is banned from taking strike action by the government, says last year’s walk-out over violence in prisons was a health and safety issue, not a strike.

The Secretary of State yesterday claimed the action – and that of POA members who in February walked out at Liverpool Prison following the sacking of a member – was in contempt of the High Court injunction preventing strike action.

After the case, POA general secretary Steve Gillan tweeted: “Contempt of Court case now a reserved judgement. I would like to go on record and thank our legal team Hugh Southey QC, Matrix Chamber, Stuart Brittenden QC Old Square Chamber and Thompsons Sols. It has been a lot of hard work but a pleasure. Reserved judgements can take several weeks and sometimes months.”

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