Police called on TSSA leader

Police were yesterday called on the TSSA general secretary during a visit to Transport for London offices.
Manuel Cortes and a team of union staff were on a scheduled promotion of the union outside TfL’s building yesterday afternoon when three police officers arrived and said they had been asked by TfL to remove them.
London’s New Deputy Mayor of Transport Heidi Alexander made a swift phone call to TfL Commisioner Mike Brown, ordering him to ease off. Brown was also reminded TfL has no right to interfere with the union’s legal right to promote itself  to the capital’s transport staff. 
TfL blamed the police’s presence on the building’s landlord despite the security team of the building telling Cortes they be had been asked by TfL to move us on and hence why the cops were called.
Manuel Cortes said: “Lucky we have a Labour Deputy Mayor for transport committed to good industrial relations practice which includes every worker belonging to a trade union. And what happened to us today shows, just how anti-union TfL’s bosses, all handpicked by Boris Johnson, are. 
“These TfL fat cats ought to smell the coffee. The Tories no longer run our capital city. Our Labour Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, is proud of the work trade unions do on behalf of ordinary Londoners. TfL bosses should either shape up or they must be shipped out.
“Big thanks to Heidi and her team for their speedy intervention which should leave TfL bosses hanging their heads in shame. It also shows the arrogant lengths TfL are prepared to go to to stop their staff from joining our union. It’s time for TfL to turn a new page by allowing the largest union within the company, into their buildings. No more ifs, buts or maybes.
“Sadiq Khan’s is committed to  improving industrial relations. He is also wants TfL staff to join a union and gain access to the equality boosting benefits of union membership.  
“We were on the pavement outside the building this morning because they refused to allow us in to meet staff. Their efforts to union-bust have no place in the 21st century even under the Tory’s hostile environment for unions. For trying this on, in a  Labour-run authority, heads should now roll.
“Having seen off the police, I’m hoping Heidi will now allow our union to hold stalls inside TfL buildings so we can go about our legitimate business with dignity and respect.”
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