Prison officer disciplined for absence whilst receiving cancer treatment

The POA has stepped in after a long-serving prison officer was given a formal warning for absence whilst receiving treatment for cancer.

The POA member, who has not been named, works at HMP Lancaster Farms in Lancashire and has prostate cancer. understands the prison governor, who is on accelerated promotion scheme, told him he had breached a trigger point.

POA national chair Mark Fairhurst said: “It’s extremely disappointing that discretion and empathy have not been applied in this case. We reached agreement with the employer in 2017 to improve the attendance management procedures and guidance was issued to governors.

“It’s clear this particular manager does not understand the Disability Discrimination Act and has failed to read the guidance document we agreed. Besides that I would expect staff in this position to be treated like human beings and not just a process to be applied. I fully expect to receive a call informing me the warning has been rescinded and common sense has prevailed. That is the only resolution we will accept.”

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2 thoughts on “Prison officer disciplined for absence whilst receiving cancer treatment

    1. Disgusting behaviour – the Tories have set terrible standards for dealing with the ill and disabled in this country.

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