Prospect urges action after House of Lords bullying report

Prospect has urged action be taken to stop bullying in the House of Lords.

Following the publication of a report by Naomi Ellenbogen QC that said “unacceptable behaviour” by “known offenders” in the House of Lords had been tolerated, Prospect deputy general secretary Garry Graham said:

“Some of the findings in this report are welcome and highlight both historic problems, and the extent to which those problems have not yet all been satisfactorily dealt with. All workplaces should be free from bullying and harassment but this is especially true of the centre of our country’s democracy.

“The introduction of the ICGS has been a start in providing an independent mechanism for dealing with workplace complaints. But the lack of trust and understanding in the process is worrying, especially the feeling that complaints will be met with apathy or reprisal.

“If workers are not clear on exactly what an independent complaints system entails, and the steps any investigation will go through, then they will never trust it fully and there is a danger that incidents will go unreported.

“Prospect welcomes the suggestion of the formation of a steering group, it is important that unions are involved in that group so that our members are properly represented. It is also our hope that compulsory training for staff and members of the House of Lords, as suggested by Naomi Ellenbogen, will as well as changing behaviour go a long way to improving trust in the system.”

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