REVEALED: Coyne’s links to EDL

EDL member Roy Higginson

EDL member Roy Higginson
EDL member Roy Higginson

Roy Higginson, an “administrator” at the EDL, according to his Facebook page, has posted photographs of himself giving out Gerard Coyne campaign material outside Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant.

A spokeswoman for Unite4Len, Len McCluskey’s campaign to be re-elected as general secretary of Unite the union, said: “Roy Higginson is a prominent member of the EDL and is openly distributing Gerard Coyne campaign material at one of Unite’s biggest workplaces in the North West, along with promoting that material via social media.

“Cosying up to a group that peddles division and fear and violates the principles of the trade union movement really would represent a new low for the Coyne campaign. Perhaps we should not be surprised, however, given that he has already written a column for the Sun and been rewarded with the support of that publication’s columnist Trevor Kavanagh.

“Unite members will rightly be appalled that Len’s opponent is now being said to be relying on the far right to advance his campaign to discredit Len McCluskey and their union.

“Len McCluskey has spent his life fighting racism, from preventing apartheid friendly ships entering Liverpool docks, when he was a young shop steward, to recently being inducted to the Show Racism The Red Card’s Hall of Fame at a celebration in the Speakers residence in Parliament.

“By contrast, Gerard Coyne now faces very real questions about his commitment to an anti-racist, tolerant society. His Brexit language has been described as anti-migrant and now EDL members are being said to support his campaign. He needs to explain to Unite members why he has these people working for him because, for our members fighting against prejudice and racism, this is an awful revelation. That a man who wishes to lead our union is allied with some of the most divisive elements of political life is utterly appalling.

“We also call on the prominent Labour MPs who back Gerard’s campaign to condemn this development and distance themselves from Mr Coyne.

“Unite has called on the Trade Union and Labour Party liaison organisation (TULO) to investigate outside interference in its election. But the engagement of members of extreme groups is alarming, not just as confirmation of that outside interference but as an indication of the distasteful company Team Coyne is now being said prepared to keep in order to exact maximum damage to the union.”

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